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Paediatric Clinic Services

The Paediatric clinic deals with any eye conditions that affect children in form of Refractive error, Amblyopia (Lazy eye), Cataract, ROP, Squint or Misaligned or Cross eye in Children / Adult. There are many eye conditions affecting children which may be present at birth or occur later in childhood. Some of the common problems occurring in children are

Refractive Errors

It is most common problem in children which usually go unnoticed if present in one eye. Most of the Refractive errors occur during early childhood and can lead to ‘Lazy eye’. Hence an early eye examination becomes necessary for all the children.

Common Complaints ( Symptoms)

  • The child may complain of blurred vision or may make mistakes in his / her note books.
  • Asthenopia Symptoms (Headache, Blurring of vision).
  • Goes close to blackboard / Television to see.
  • Squeezing / Rubbing / Blinking eyes more frequently.

Tests done

Refraction performed by an optometrist / ophthalmologist is helpful in tests done of refractive error.


Glasses are the most common means of correcting refractive errors.

Contact lens and Refractive surgeries are not preferred for children.

Squint (cross eye)

Squint, also known as strabismus, is a condition where both the eyes do not look together in the same direction. So, if one of your eyes looks straight ahead, the other turns to point inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards. Squint may even appear occasionally or seen constantly. It can cause Lazy eye / Amblyopia in one eye.

Common symptoms

Generally, there no Symptoms when the deviation is large. However, Patient may complain of headache, eyestrain or sensitivity to light if the deviation is small.

Parents / Relatives may notice the misalignment of eyes.

Tests done

Complete eye examination along with cover / uncover test and other special tests are required for testing squint.

Early Tests done is helpful in giving better treatment of squint.


Squint is treated with glasses, prisms or surgery for alignment of eye muscles. Sometimes a combination of all these may be required.