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Latest Technology

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Latest Technology

Today Anushka Super Speciality Eye Hospital is rated as one of the best Eye Hospitals in the Thane district. It is looked up as the centre of excellence, providing upgraded treatment with its latest technology at affordable rates. 

A full array of state-of-the-art equipment and a highly safe environment enables doctors to diagnose and perform precision & predictable surgery with excellent visual outcome for the patients. 

More & more equipment are being added every year for better services to patients, in a very clean & hygienic premises

Most of these technologies are imported from Germany and USA.

Argos optical biometer+ , Verion Digital marker (USA)

Angle to angle, cornea to retina OCT imaging providing real time guidance for capturing accurate measurements and hence better surgical results for the patients.

AMO Sovereign Phaco with Ellips FX technology, USA

This highly advanced technology allows very predictable and a safe phaco system for cataract surgery. The ELLIPS FX technology is the only technology that optimizes cutting efficiency by simultaneously combining longitudinal and transversal motions.

Leica M822/F20 Surgical Operating microscope

Leica M822 surgical microscope, with enhanced Red Reflex, meets the highest professional requirements of ophthalmic surgeons to perform cataract surgery more precisely and efficiently. It offers the best Illumination solution combining LED and halogen for brilliant, stable Red Reflex. Apart from that it has an open architecture for easy integration of vitreoretinal accessories

OCT, USA ‐ Optical Coherence tomography ‐ Optovue, USA

It provides indepth & accurate evaluation of Cornea, Retina & Glaucoma

Zeiss Humphrey Visulas Field recorder HFA 720i, Germany

This machine is excellent for characterizing visual field status and providing a basic glaucoma management platform. Also useful for evaluating neuro-ophthal patients.


Contoura Vision is a topography – guided LASIK treatment that is the latest FDA approved LASIK eye surgery technology . It is also referred to as MOST ADVANCED TOPOGRAPHY GUIDED LASIK, in addition to treating a patient’s refractive error, it also treats Visual imperfections in a patient’s eye

Zeiss IOL Master 500, Germany

This technology is the benchmark for precision biometry, It is the foremost machine for accurate measurement of lens power in cataract patients

Zeiss VISULAS YAG III Laser, Germany

The ZEISS VISULAS YAG III photo-disruption laser offers a super Gaussian beam profile which ensures high precision treatment using minimum laser energy

Apple (iphone) viewing system on Zeiss Model Classic slit lamp, Germany

High resolution visualisation of the eye

Appasamy cryo model AA-3

Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold to freeze and remove abnormal tissue. Cryo is a safe, effective treatment. 

It consists of the transmission of freezing temperatures to the retina, by applying a very cold probe to the outside of the eye (the sclera). Like a laser, the intense cold applied to the retina can seal abnormal retinal tears and leaking retinal blood vessels.

Green Laser ophthalmic Amogh plus 532nm

This is an very popular Green laser Photo coagulator for retinal disorders with a patented solid state technology proving a very safe and precise experience

Ultra view inbuilt eye safety laser filters provides a crystal clear view of developing lesions. Co-axial system of laser aiming beam along with white light illumination gives comfortable treatment.

Appasamy galaxy turbo orbit

This innovative advanced technology is used for both vitreo retinal and cataract surgery in a single system.

Most advanced LED Illuminator provides state of the art illumination for visualizing tissues very sharp. Integrated and stable IP (Infusion pressure).In single touch foot control IP-High change over with Voice assist

MMD Palm scan A scan machine, USA

This immersion biometry (A scan) is extremely useful for calculating axial length of the eye prior to cataract surgery especially in dense mature cataract and silicon oil filled eyes

The A Scan probe measures the length of the eye (axial length) from back to front, useful in customizing surgery, choosing IOLs prior to lens replacement, and guiding the management of severe myopia. Part of our full biometry set, it provides industry-leading accuracy at a sampling speed of 264 MHz using convenient disposable immersion tips.

Zeiss Model Classic Slit Lamp, Germany

This instrument provides high resolution visualisation of the eye, attached alongwith is the Applanation Tonometer which is the gold standard for measuring intra ocular pressure of the eye

CSO slit lamp SL 9800 LED 3X, Italy

CSO SL9800 slit lamps are engineered to the highest European quality standards and come equipped with LED illumination. Ergonomic design, high quality optics and precision mechanical parts provides the user with an unparelled experience while conducting a slit lamp examination.

CRK 7000 Autoref/ keratometer, Korea

This technology supports accurate   refraction of patients. It also provides accurate corneal kerotometric measurements useful for Toric IOL & contact lens fitting.

Topcon computerised lensometer CL-300, Japan

The CL-300 combines innovative, digital lens measurement technology with fast and easy operation equipped with a large LCD monitor, a green light beam and a UV transmission measurement function that allow you to precisely measure a wide range of different lens materials and designs.

Topcon computerised tonometer CT-800, Japan

CT-800 offers enhanced efficiency and easier operation to improve day to day examination workflow in a practice.

Keeler – Pulsair intellipuff tonometer, UK

The Keeler intelligent puff system gives a non invasive non contact method of accurately measuring the intra ocular pressure of the eye using the intelliPuff® system

Aplanation Tonometry A900

This tonometer operates using the Goldmann method, ie it measures the pressure required for maintaining uniform applanation of the corneal surface. Precise measurement of the small flattened surface is completed using a slit lamp at 10x magnification.