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Cataract Services

Regain clear vision and enjoy life without cataracts with our advanced cataract care.

Cataract (clouding of the lens) is one of the most common diseases of the eye that affects a sizable section of the world’s population.
It is the commonest cause of blindness in the world.

Cataract surgery is usually recommended if the cataract is impairing vision and affecting one’s daily activities.

Our Approach

Why choose Anushka Super Speciality Eye Hospital for cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery has experienced a large transformation during the last decade. This has been primarily due to the patient’s persistent requirements of better surgical results & better functional vision.

New technology has allowed for unlimited development of the surgery technique and surgery tools. MICS is one of the latest developments that is bringing consistent better refractive results amongst its patients

Today, Anushka Super Speciality Eye Hospital is one of the most preferred centres for the advanced treatment for cataract. It offers the best-in-class diagnostic equipment and sophisticated treatment techniques by expert cataract surgeon Dr Anushka Sharma.

Few reasons Why it is a preferred centre for cataract surgery:

Dr Anushka Sharma: 20,000 + cataract surgeries
Dr Anushka is a renowned Eye Surgeon from Mumbai & has been practicing for more than 20 years in and around Bhiwandi & Thane city. She has performed over 20000 + cataract surgeries with numerous lasers & other ophthalmic procedure.

No matter what outcomes, the team of Drs are there with the patient from beginning to the end.

Latest Technique : 1st time in Bhiwandi
+ Points of Surgery

  • MICS technique
  • No injection or needles around the eye
  • No eye patch
  • No pain
  • No Stitches
  • Immediate Discharge.
  • Limited post operative restrictions.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Minimal or no post op discomfort.

–MICS (Micro-incision cataract surgery is an approach to cataract surgery through incision less than 1.8 mm. It is less traumatic for the patient and provides better operative outcomes and comfort to the patient. Most of the operations are conducted through MICS

Latest Technology for pristine vision: 1st time in Bhiwandi world class technologies.
  • Latest Phacoemulsification techniques with AMO Sovereign Phaco with Ellips FX technology, USA
  • Argos optical biometer+ Verion Digital marker, USA  – allowing for refractive cataract surgery
  • Leica M822/F20 Surgical Operating microscope
  • Computerised “A” scan Biometry with Argos Biometer, IOL Master 500, MMD Palm scan A scan etc
  • Advanced technology like OCT – Optovue, USA
  • Newer lenses – 1st time in Bhiwandi.
    • Trifocal, EDOF, Monofocal & Toric lenses and other customised lenses.
    • Why settle for less in life? Trifocal IOL will give you a clear vision for far, intermediate, and near.

Full-fledged Retinal setup to tackle any post cataract surgery related complications
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Anushka Super Speciality Eye Hospital is the 1st and only eye Hospital in Bhiwandi to get ASNH certification.

These set of standards are practical, functional, affordable, transparent and effective. They assist Doctors in creating a safe and infection-free environment making the facilities more reliable, user friendly & safe for patients as well as for healthcare workers.

Lot of stress is given to maintaining records with respect to staff qualification & training, OT sterlisation, patient records, equipment calibrations etc

Completely safe and Sterile environment:
The operation theatre environment is closely monitored at all times. The purification & fumigating system is regularly checked and independently audited every month by an independent laboratory to ensure the best OT sterility result.

In the year 2014, Anushka Super Speciality Eye Hospital accomplished a Zero non conformance report during its audit. This made the team very proud of its control on its system & processes.

We pledge our commitment to providing our patients a safe & continuously upgraded technology and treatment.



Any cloudiness of the normally transparent lens is referred to as a cataract. Although it occurs naturally as an ageing process in adults it is not uncommon for children to have cataract. Cataract can be present at birth which is called ‘congenital cataract’ or it may develop later in life. It may be inherited or may occur as a result of infection, inflammation, injury or as a developmental abnormality. It may be seen in one or both the eyes.